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From Deco to Disco, Victorian to Modernist, Haskell to Chanel and many, many more!

Home of Rare - Unusual - Collectible Costume, Fine Jewelry & Accessories

From Deco to Disco, Victorian to Modernist, Haskell to Chanel and many, many more!

Beyond our extensive costume jewelry collection, we also carry fabulous purses, clutches and hand bags from designers like Chanel, Christian LaCroix, Judith Leiber and Robert Lee Morris. We also specialise in sourcing highly collectible Hermes scarves.
Beyond our extensive costume jewelry collection, we also carry fabulous purses, clutches and hand bags from designers like Chanel, Christian LaCroix, Judith Leiber and Robert Lee Morris. We also specialise in sourcing highly collectible Hermes scarves.
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  1. SIL-2961

    Vintage Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Tri Photo Frame

    This Tiffany & Co. sterling silver frame can hold up to three photos at one time and has two vintage photos inside. There is an etched design of lines on the frame. The front has the initials A.P. The back has the date December 28th 1955. It measures 2-1/4” x 5-1/4” when opened. It is signed “Tiffany & Co” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $250.00

  2. AC-488

    Vintage 1930s Celluloid & Rhinestone Hat Pin

    This is a special rare find of a Deco hat pin made of Celluloid with pave set rhinestones in the center. It is a classic deco design and calls your immediate attention. This pin measures 5-1/2” x 1-1/2” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $175.00

  3. AC-487

    1950s Lucite Green & Orange Handbag

    This handbag is extremely collectible and can be used for any occasion. It is made with a shimmery lime green color with darker shades of green and orange. The lock on the outside is made with a push in clasp and the hardware is very secure. The handle is very decorative and has three flaps. This bag measures 11” x 4”. The handle measures 3-1/4”. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $325.00

  4. AC-486

    Vintage 1920s Water Under The Bridge Tapestry Bag

    This is a special tapestry purse because it has survived throughout the years in mint condition. It has a picture of water flowing underneath a bridge framed with a floral design and has colors such as pink, beige, maroon and black. It is made with gold tone metal strap that can be tucked away to be used as a clutch. This tapestry bag measures 6-1/2” w x 6” long. The gold tone chain measures 12” x 1/8” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $325.00

  5. AC-485

    1960s Vintage Suede Bienen - Davis Black Handbag

    This handbag has an exterior that is made of black suede that is intact and does not release black dye on your hand. It is perfect. The flap has a gold tone hardware made with black enamel. The latch style clasp is mounted with a thick textured base. The interior is a luxurious blue satin. It has three pockets. One of them is a champagne color. It has a coin purse too. This bag measures 9-1/4” x 8”. The handle measures 6” x 1-1/4”. The “Bienen- Davis” logo shines in gold. Both the inside and outside are in excellent condition.
    Price: $350.00

  6. AC-484

    Vintage Koret Genuine Ostrich Brown Full Quill Handbag

    This bag is true vintage and is made of genuine full quill ostrich. It is brown and has a gold tone hardware. The clasp is an easy twist one. The inside is made in a beautiful beige leather with a coin purse. The bag measures 8” x 6-1/2”. The handle measures 6” x 1/2”. It has the “Koret” logo in gold and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $650.00

  7. AC-483

    Vintage 80s Mam’selle Suede Handbag

    This vintage Mam’selle original handbag in black suede is gorgeous. The outside has black beads along the flap. It has a snap in closure. It has a rectangular shape and the inside is made with black satin and has a pocket in the inside. It measures 8-1/4” x 4”. The handle measures 7” x 1”. It has the “Mam’selle Original New York” tag and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $200.00

  8. AC-482

    Vintage Gianni Versace Brown Crocodile Embossed Leather wallet

    This Gianni Versace crocodile embossed wallet is made of luscious brown leather. The flap has a bow in the front and a snap in closure. The inside opens up to a tri fold style. It has two large bill slots, a coin pocket and room for credit cards. It measures 6-1/2” x 11” when opened. It has the ‘’Gianni Versace” “Made in Italy” on the inside. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $350.00

  9. AC-481

    Vintage 1970s Dooney & Bourke Zebra Genuine Florentine Vacchetta Leather Handbag

    This is a fun and stylish Dooney & Bourke zebra print handbag with a red trim. The outside has two pockets: One with a snap in closure and the other one with a zipper closure. It comes with the original registration papers. The inside has a red cotton lining and two pockets. The inside is extremely spacious. This bag measures 15” X 10”. The handle measures 9” x 1/2”. It has the “Dooney & Bourke” 1975 gold tone hangtag with a swan on it. This bag is in excellent condition.
    Price: $300.00

  10. AC-480

    Vintage 1930s Black Beaded Evening Bag

    This 1930s black bead evening bag is the perfect size to carry to a fancy affair. (No, your cell phone won’t fit, but it will carry your lipstick, powder and money.) It has gold tone hardware and an overlap snap closure. When opened, an ornate oval mirror is attached to the inner lid. It is 6” wide and 3-1/2” high (with lid closed). The strap is also black beaded and measures 12” long and is 4-1/2” high. The depth is 3”. This bag is in excellent condition.
    Price: $275.00

  11. AC-478

    Vintage 1920s Are Deco Signed Napier Set Of Two Stick Figures

    These Art Deco figures are of bellboys and were made in the 1920s by the Napier Jewelry House. They are made of chrome. One of them is holding two suitcases and the other was used to hold cigarettes (now it can business cards). There are signs of wear on the faces and body due to the nature of the age of these figures. As a novelty, they seem to be show-stoppers as everyone is asking about them! They measure 9-1/4” x 3-1/4” and overall are in good vintage condition.
    Price: $400.00

  12. AC-477

    1920s Drawstring Multi-Color Floral Steel Bag

    I think the picture will best describe this lovely bag. Here are some facts. This purse measures 11” in length with a 2” fringe and is 6” wide…made with tiny steel beads. It is in excellent condition. I was told this multi-color floral design purse is a drawstring purse appropriate for a garden dance. The primary colors on top are blues with a medley of colors of green and red yellow and burgundy. It has a drawstring closure and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $250.00

  13. AC-476

    1910 Large Scenic Castle By The Lake Steel Bead Purse

    The scene of the dreamy castle nestled next to a lake with surrounding trees is beautifully designed. This bag is in mint condition and is rather large compared to the standard pieces we have seen in the past. It measures 11” long x 7” wide and all the beads are tiny steel beads. The fringe measures an additional 2”. It has a gold tone metal frame with a matching chain. It is very highly collectable and is in excellent condition.


  14. AC-475

    1940s Evening Steel Beaded Bag

    This stunning 1940s evening bag is in mint condition and is immaculately clean. Entire body is in white and gold small steel beads with a gold diamond shaped design on both sides. It has a gold flap top encrusted with rhinestones and is in excellent condition
    Price: $350.00

  15. AC-472

    Golden Tiny Steel Beaded Impressionistic Floral Bag

    The design of this large purse is subtle and beautifully executed. You must know that the interior lining is not intact but still is original and the fringe has some tiny beads missing. This purse measures 10” X 7-½” with a 2” fringe. This bag is in good condition but needs some loving care.
    Price: $300.00

  16. AC-471

    Deco Sterling Silver 1920s Fortuny Faille Fabric Pleated Bag

    This is definitely one of a kind Deco purse with the Fortuny pleated fabric in excellent condition. The closure is done in marcasite and black onyx in a delicate Deco design. There is a panel with the initials E.S.G., which apparently are the initials of the lady for whom this custom purse was made. The lining is intact but has some tired spots. It has a mirror and change purse. It measures 6-½ x 6-½” the strap measures 5” it is in excellent condition.
    Price: $400.00

  17. AC-469

    Vintage Stunning Multicolor Tapestry Purse

    This tapestry purse is the best of vintage tapestries purses that I have seen. It is filled with muted multicolored flowers that cascade into a stunning pattern across the purse. It measures 10” x 7” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $300.00

  18. AC-468

    Rare Early 1900s Vintage Unusual Tapestry Clutch Bag

    All of the years I've been in business, I've never seen a tapestry clutch bag ever. It snaps open to a salmon/pink lining interior. The inside purse has shirred lining of the same color. It's in good condition for its age and measures 11” x 7”. It can use some tender loving care on one edge with threads are visible.


  19. AC-467

    Vintage 1920s Gray and Gold Floral Beaded Purse

    This is a 1920s garden purse in which 3/4 are soft lovely flowers floating in a sea of silver steel beads. The bottom has scallops and golden beads and tassel hanging from the purse. It is soft and lovely and measures 9” x 6”. It has a drawstring for closing and it’s in excellent condition
    Price: $275.00

  20. AC-466

    Antique Early 1900s Expanding S/S Latch beaded purse

    This early 1900s vintage bag is highly collectible because of its sterling expanding closure and age. It is 8" x 5-1/2 " and has stunning tiny steel bead work made up of a series of tiny cornucopia baskets on a dove gray beaded background. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $325.00

  21. AC-464

    Vintage 1920s Draw String Steel Beaded Bag

    This is a lovely vintage 1920s drawstring purse made of tiny steel beads. It has a charming scenic scene of a small town at the base and stunning gold, blue and green floral flowers creating a colorful vista. It measures 7-1/2” x 6” and has a drawstring for closing. It’s in excellent condition.
    Price: $250.00

  22. AC-463

    Vintage 1930s Sterling Cherub Evening bag

    This is a wonderful old 1930s evening bag. The top frame has an ornate sterling silver with a gold vermeil cherubs design. There are two chains that are 7” high. The body of the bag is made of silky cloth material. The inside is made of black leather. The bag measures 8” wide and the bottom is 2-1/4” in depth. It has a push button on the frame with an ornate hanging circle. Push down on the button and push out with the circle and it opens easily. I believe this might have been made in France but in the 30s bags were not sign. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $450.00

  23. AC-462A

    Vintage Rare 1930s Bakelite Football Buttons

    Anyone who knits for a football fan … this is an absolute must! It would be fantastic on a heavy cardigan sweater. There are five oval shaped football Bakelite buttons with detailing that’s amazing. Each button is 2-1/4” long x 1-1/2” wide. These buttons are in excellent condition.
    Price: $150.00

  24. AC-459

    Vintage Barry Kieselstein Genuine Sharkskin Shagreen Bag

    This vintage Kieselstein-Cord sharkskin (shagreen) bag was designed by Barry Kieselstein and is made with genuine shagreen leather. It has the famous moon logo on the front and a green satin interior. It has a silver tone link strap that measures 44”. The bag measures 6” x 5” and has the “Barry Kieselstein” tag inside. It comes with the original dust bag and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $950.00

  25. AC-458

    Vintage Fendi Couture Lambs Wool Burgundy Patent Leather Bag

    This Burgundy Fendi Bag is gorgeous and is made with 100% genuine lambs wool and burgundy patent leather. It has a brown satin interior and is very spacious. The bag measures 7” long x 12” wide. The strap measures 8”. It has the original Fendi dust bag and is signed “Fendi Made In Italy”. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $925.00

  26. AC-456

    Vintage Red Palizzio Snakeskin Shoulder Bag

    This is a beautiful vintage red shoulder bag that was designed by Palizzio. It has a deep, rich red color in perfect snakeskin leather. It has a metal band that snaps to open and close and has a fabric lining. This bag measures 7” x 10”. The strap measures 18”. The strap can be tucked inside the bag to be used as a clutch. It has the “Palizzio” signature and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $140.00

  27. AC-455

    Beautiful Bugle Bead Leaf Hand Bag

    This very elegant leaf shaped handbag is set in dazzling black bugle beads and will make a perfect addition for any occasion. The handles are made with thin wire decorated with bugle beads and Aurora Borealis glass beads. This bag measures 8” x 5”. The handles measure 7”. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $150.00

  28. AC-452

    Authentic Vintage Couture Gucci Controllato Black Suede Handbag

    This is an authentic beautiful couture designer Gucci handbag that is made of black leather suede. The entire outside lining of the bag has small round gold-tone decor and the inside has a soft leather lining. The strap has a golden link chain that measures 8” length. The bag measures 6” x 14” and has a push-button opening. This bag comes with its original Controllato card, dust bag and Firenze card. It has the Gucci Made in Italy” tag with the original serial numbers 119085-268. It is in excellent condition.


  29. AC-450

    Vintage Emilio Pucci Silk Scarf

    This Emilio Pucci scarf has the multi-color blend of pink, black, white and brown colors that Pucci is famous for. This lovely 100% silk scarf signed “Emilio” is a must have for your collection of scarves! It measures 2’9” x 2’9” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $325.00

  30. AC-448

    Vintage Anton Moritz Cream Color & Faux Turquoise Stone Snakeskin Hand Bag

    This elegant handbag by Anton Moritz is made of a cream color snakeskin. It has faux turquoise beads and green & red enamel flower accents in a gold-tone setting on the top fold-over closure. There are 5 flowers set on a mother of pearl button. It has a dark turquoise color satin interior, which is intact and clean. It has the original coin purse and mirror and measures 5-3/4” x 8”. It is signed “Anton Moritz 1187 Lex Ave. N.Y.” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $375.00

  31. AC-446

    Vintage Art Deco 1930s French Beaded Tapestry Handbag

    This Art Deco 1930s French handbag features a colorful floral tapestry design in pink, yellow and green. It is made of tiny steel beads and has a cream color interior. Considered highly collectible, it has a brass-tone latch and measures 6” x 8”. The inside says “Made In France” and it is in excellent condition.
    Price: $325.00

  32. AC-439

    Authentic Vintage Valentino Butterfly Sunglasses With Case

    These vintage Valentino sunglasses have their original lenses and have pave crystals in the front. There is a butterfly on each side. They have light pink tint lenses and are a silver tone color. They measure 6” x 2-1/8”, are signed “Valentino” and are in excellent condition.


  33. AC-437

    Vintage Custom Made By Calem Rhinestone Evening Clutch

    This Calem clutch purse is embellished with vibrant clear rhinestones throughout the bag. It has a rhinestone twist back clasp. It has the original mirror, change purse and two compartments to put your belongings in. The inside is made with a decorative cream color and silver nylon material. It is made with gunmetal and measures 5-1/2” x 6-1/2”. It is signed “Calem” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $300.00

  34. AC-422

    Art Deco 1920s Floral Steel Beaded Bag

    Go down memory lane with this fabulous steel beaded floral bag. The flowers are red and the bag itself has multi colored beads. The lining in the bag is in great condition. The bag measures 7” x 7”. The fringes measure 3” long making the bag 10” long in length. The strap measures 13” long. The bag is in excellent condition.
    Price: $300.00

  35. AC-420

    Mary Francis Metallic Gold Leather Evening Bag

    Mary Francis purses are very popular and collectible. I consider this one of her special purses. This exquisite gold leather and bead encrusted evening bag has a large faux pink topaz gemstone on the flap with white faux coral shells. The bag depth is 4” and measures 6” x 6”. The strap drop measures 6-1/2”. It has the Mary Francis logo inside and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $375.00

  36. AC-418

    Signed Collectible Tony Lama German Silver & Bronze Belt Buckle

    This Tony Lama German silver and brass Western-style belt buckle will make a great gift for anyone. This oval shaped buckle features a cowboy horse bull roper and measures 5” x 4”. It is in excellent condition.
    Price: $250.00

  37. AC-411

    Diesel Mother Of Pearl Watch

    This Diesel watch is mother of pearl face. It has stainless steel back and is water resistant and has an unusual contemporary look. It has a series of black enamel circles that hold mother of pearl inserts making the entire watch uniformed and unusual. The watch works and is in excellent condition. The watch measures 7-1/2” long and the widest part is 1”.
    Price: $200.00

  38. AC-406

    Signed Karl Lagerfeld White & Silver Sunglasses w/Orig. Box

    Perfect for the season, these signed Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses feature a stunning white front with black inside and silver-tone metal accents. These sunglasses measure 5 5/8” across the bridge and 2 ¼” top to bottom. In excellent condition, these sunglasses are signed “Karl Lagerfeld” and come with the original box.
    Price: $150.00

  39. AC-404

    Vintage Signed Fendi Italy Faux Horse Hair Hand Bag

    Wow! This great classic by Fendi features faux horsehair on the outside and black leather straps and gold-tone accents. This handbag measures 12” long x 8” high x 4 ½” deep and the double strap is 3 ½” up from center. This purse has a top snap magnetic closure and a zipper compartment inside. In excellent condition, this purse is signed “Fendi Made in Italy”.
    Price: $550.00

  40. AC-403

    Vintage Art Deco 1920’s Made in France Carved Bakelite & Lame Clutch Purse

    I rarely see these Art Deco lame clutch purses anymore and this one is in mint condition! It features lame with carved butterscotch Bakelite accents. This clutch purse measures 7 ¼” x 5 ¼”. Inside is a snap coin purse and one slide compartment. This vintage French Lame clutch purse is in excellent condition.
    Price: $275.00

  41. AC-402

    Signed Karl Lagerfeld Black & Rhinestone Sunglasses w/Orig. Box

    These sunglasses are so stunning that I was tempted to keep them for myself! These signed Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses have shimmering clear rhinestone accents on a black plastic frame with Silvertone metal. These sunglasses measure 5 5/8” across the bridge x 2 ¼” top to bottom. These sunglasses are signed “Karl Lagerfeld” and come with the original case and box.
    Price: $350.00

  42. AC-387

    Vintage Signed Charmant Belts of Beverly Hills Lion Buckle Belt

    This vintage signed Charmant belt features a ceramic lion’s head design with black bead eyes and a stretch cloth ivory color belt. In excellent condition, the buckle measures 3” x 3” and the belt, unstretched, is 27” x 2 ½” with a hook closure. The back of the buckled is signed Charmant of Beverly Hills.
    Price: $195.00

  43. AC-377

    Victorian Hand Made Tortoise Shell Beaded Handbag

    This Victorian purse features a hand-made nature scene in a multi-color bead design with tortoise shell frame and link chain strap. The purse has a push/pressure closure and measures 9” x 7” with an additional 3” of bead dangles. The strap is 7” up from center x ½”. Inside the purse is one slide pocket. This Victorian purse is in excellent condition.
    Price: $275.00

  44. AC-376

    Deco 1930’s Vintage Black Beaded Purse

    This vintage deco 1930’s purse features tiny black beads that most collectors look for. The bag has black satin interior. The purse measures 5” wide x 6 3/4” long and 9” long with dangles; the hand strap is 6 3/4” up from center. This vintage deco 1930’s beaded purse is in excellent condition.
    Price: $250.00

  45. AC-373

    Vintage Cabochon Stretch Gold-Tone Belt

    This vintage belt features marbleized blue and green cabochon stones in a heavily carved gold-tone setting. This stretch belt measures 26”-41” long x 1” and is in excellent condition.
    Price: $125.00

  46. AC-370

    Vintage Signed Grace Ann Agostino Black Snakeskin Purse

    This vintage signed Grace Ann Agostino purse features black bezel cut beads on snakeskin with an inside satin lining and leather pull string closure. The purse measures 10” wide x 6 ½” tall and the double leather strap is 16” up from center. In excellent condition, this extraordinary purse is signed Grace Ann Agostino.
    Price: $250.00

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